Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center

5166 Monroe St. Suite 306
Toledo, OH 43623


Wellness Products


Upon your visit you will see that we carry a line of premium nutritional products for a variety of species. We believe strongly that good nutrition leads to a happy and healthy pet.  We can also special order products for the unique needs of your pet.  We supply grass-based, Timothy, hay for your pet from Dr. O’s farm, just ask us if there is a certain quantity you would like as it sells out quick some days.Our lines of food consists of:

Lafeber Products: Classic Nutra-Berries, Senior Nutra-Berries, Avi-Cakes, Foraging and Recovery Nutri-An Cakes, and a Variety of different Lafeber Pellet size.
Mazuri Products: Ferret Diet, Rabbit Diet, Guinea Pig Diet, Chinchilla Diet, and Rat/Mouse Diet. Other Mazuri products can be special ordered for animals including (but not limited to) Insectivore Diet for Sugar Glider and Hedge Hogs, Mini Pot Belly Pig Diet and Soft Bill Diet for our birds that require a low iron diet. 
ZooMed: Digital Thermometers, ReptiSun Lights, Power Sun Lights, Lamp Stands, Eco Carpet and Sphagnum Moss are among the most popular items we carry.