Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center

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Toledo, OH 43623




Yearly examinations are very important for your pet and we tailor them to meet their health needs. A yearly exam for most animals at our clinic is the exam and sometimes a fecal analysis. For our Avian clients, their exams are the exam and a set of gram stains. Gram Stains can tell us a lot about your birds health. Recheck appointments are also necessary to make sure your animal is progressing or that the infection is gone. Often times we use Gram stains, particularly in birds, to determine if infectious agents are no longer present. Our clinical examinations are not just a physical examination. In many species, we examine the behavioral or emotional components as well. That is why we are very concerned about enriching your animal’s life with foods, toys, and other enrichment items. Ask us if you have any concerns, particularly if we can help with behavior problems.

Specialized Equipment

Our hospital is designed to offer the very best care for your bird or exotic pet. For example, we have digital x-ray equipment that allows us to see structures more clearly in our small patients than can be viewed with a standard x-ray machine. Our isolation and warm room provides the right environment for your animal in times of illness. Our blood chemistry analyzer uses a very small amount of blood in comparison to those needed for outside laboratory testing. The best part is that we can have your chemistry test results in 15 minutes! We send our other tests to laboratories and to veterinarians who are considered best in their field. We have specialized equipment for the dentistry of rabbits and rodents since may times these animals come to have teeth problems. We also have an advanced Ultra Sound and a Doppler machine. This enables us to get better images for understanding what maybe causing concerns with your little ones.



The medications that we have at our hospital are formulated specifically for your animal’s condition and needs based on its weight and symptoms. Most of the drugs we use for your small pet require that we reformulate them from dog and cat medications, using our doses, and make them into a liquid for ease of administration. That is one reason it often takes a longer time for your visit. Additionally, we may use herbal and homeopathic medicines to complement or take place of traditional medicines.



After-hour emergencies—until 10:00 PM—will be handled by the Bird and Exotic Pet Wellness Center staff. Just call 

the regular phone number, 419.843.3137, and it will transfer to our cell phone. If we are unable to respond, or if it is after 10:00 PM please call MedVet Medical & Cancer Centers at 419.473.0328.

If your call concerns wildlife in the western and southern part of Lucas County call Nature's Nursery Wildlife Rehab at 419.877.0060. For wildlife concerns in eastern Lucas County and eastward Back to the Wild in Castalia, Ohio, provides care for a variety of wild animals. Their phone number is 419.684.9539. These calls include injured or orphaned wildlife. Calls must be directed to state and federally licensed wildlife rehabilitation as they are the only ones that have the licenses and most important the knowledge and facilities to properly care for wildlife. If you find wildlife please do not feed them until you are able to get instructions from a licensed wildlife rehabilitation, for feeding them may do more harm then good, if done incorrectly. Wildlife DO NOT make good pets, not matter how cute or well behaved they are as a baby, never take wildlife into your home with the intentions of keeping them as a pet for any period of time. Animals like raccoons can carry diseases like rabies even when they are young and do not show signs of the disease, so they should not be removed from the wild. Rehabilitators DO NOT get state or federal funds to provide care, so they appreciate any donations for these wild species.


In addition to examinations, we offer grooming appointments for your birds and small mammals. It is important that a trained professional performs the grooming requirements of your feathered friends. If an inexperienced person performs the trims on an avian patient, accidents may occur. Accidents may include breaking or injuring the toes or nails on their feet, breaking or injuring the wings, deformation of the beak, and cutting or burning of their tongue. If wings are cut wrong this may cause irritation under the wings from feathers poking their side which can lead to larger problems. They may also crash to the floor and injure their selves. Still having the ability to fly from a poor clip may lead to flying around the house or out an open door and if one side is clipped more than the other or if the primary feathers are cut incorrectly (as you can see in the picture to the left), the bird may spiral in flight which can lead to crashing or twisting of the wing that may lead to a break. Only veterinarians and their staff that have been trained in avian grooming should perform trims to minimize these risks.


Nursing Care

Since medicating your avian friends is so important when they are sick we offer nursing care for birds that need medications for a period of time if the owner is unable to medicate them for a number of reasons. We can provide that nursing care while they stay at the hospital to make sure they receive all their medicine to get them back to normal health. Of course the Bird and Exotic staff is all trained in teaching the customer how to feel comfortable with medicating your pets before they leave. For animals, like reptiles, that may need injections every few days during a antibiotic treatment, owners are able to bring them in at no extra charge, in order for the staff to administer the injection. 



We offer boarding to our clients for birds and small mammals, such as rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and ferrets. For $25 per night, you can vacation or go on business trips with the peace of mind of your animals safety. All birds must have had gram stains and exam within the last six months of the boarding date to ensure the health of your bird and other birds that are staying with us.  We provide Lafeber’s Nutriberries and Avicakes along with fruits and veggies.  If your bird eats another diet, or likes something special, or has favorite toys, please bring them when you come. We also provide toys by Kris Porter to purchase if you forget your birds favorite toy at home or something fun to spice up their visit. Most animals are allowed out of their cage during their stay to ensure exercise and socialization. 

Ferrets must be up to date on Distemper and Rabies vaccines and yearly exam.  Rabbits do not require any vaccinations but they must have had a exam within the last six months.  Once again, please bring favorite toys or food they like.

While your pet is staying with us we would be happy to provide a physical exam, vaccinations, wing, nail and beak trimming, or any medical treatment your pet may need. We also have a special rate for animals that may need to stay with us during the course of a medical treatment, if their parents are unable to give their medicine.

We highly encourage birds to forage while they are here with us and spend time during the day creating toys for them to do so.